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Slovenian international Model United Nations (SiMUN)

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Slovenian international Model United Nations (SiMUN)
by Tourková Kateřina - Středa, 9 duben 2014, 11:27

Ljubljana, March 2014: This year, the Association for promotion and development of international relations (MEOS) is organizing the seventh Slovenia international Model United Nations – SiMUN which will be held between 22nd and 26th of September in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As at the United Nations meetings themselves, the simulation will touch upon current problems in the international community. Students will be facing crisis situations and searching for answers to complex questions, taking the roles of delegates - representatives of chosen countries.

SiMUN is an international project which engages students from different countries all around the world. Each year, more than eighty foreign and Slovenian students who are eager for new experiences, knowledge and understanding of current burning issues, attend the conference. SiMUN is an excellent opportunity to develop effective communication skills, upgrade skills of public speaking and of course also to make new friends.

The simulation itself consists of three bodies of the United Nations. The central authority is the Security Council, in which participants will discuss the current situation on the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. The Human Rights Council will be engaged in solving climate refugee’s problems and child soldiers and the Economic and Social Council will take over the field of credit rating agencies and genetically modified organisms in relation to food security. The aim of the delegates/students will be to accept the resolution for each of the topics through research and political negotiations.

All potential SiMUN 2014 participants can apply for the position of the Heads of Committees or the position for delegates. As in previous years a team of journalists consisting of three delegates journalists (who will each write for his/her own committee), and one photo reporter, will also participate. All their posts will be published in the daily issue of SiMUN TIMES. The applications for the Heads of the Committees will be open from April 7th to 27th, and the applications for the delegates and journalists from May 5th until June 1st. More on conditions for registration and other details can be found on our website