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Journal of American Studies Eurasian Perspective

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Journal of American Studies Eurasian Perspective
by Tourková Kateřina - Středa, 29 říjen 2014, 9:57

Dear Colleague,

The Journal of American Studies: Eurasian Perspectives (JASEP) is an international peer-reviewed journal, published semi-annually. The Institute of Language and Communications Studies and Macro World Publishing jointly edit the journal. It invites research on the topics of American literature, art and humanities including U.S. culture and literature, socio-linguistics, migration to U.S., feminism, socio-cultural approaches to American life, social problems and social changes, human rights, ethnic and racial studies, terrorism and public service. Its main focus, however, is on the various European and Asian perspectives on these issues.

JASEP seeks to open a debate on the legacy of Europeans and Asians on the America Americas, and in turn examines the socio-political and cultural ways in which America shapes the continents of Europe and Asia. The journal aims to shape an interdisciplinary field of inquiry and to seek innovative research issues related to ethnic studies disciplines that critically examine the history, culture, politics, and experiences of the people of Eurasia in an encounter with the American continent. JASEP also focuses on exploring American mind reflections in the people of Eurasian ancestry. Moreover, the journal centers on the reflections of history, culture, literature and politics of the USA in the minds of Asian and European people.

The Journal of American Studies: Eurasian Perspectives is an interdisciplinary platform that publishes articles representing a wide range of academic disciplines, including sociology, history, political science, literature, cultural and gender studies and a variety of research methods.

The quick (30 days) and double blind review process, rich editorial board, zero tolerance for plagiarism and high respect for publication ethics, a strong commitment for scheduled publication are the key features of the Institute’s journals.

JASEP publishes both in online and print  version. The journal accepts online submissions only.  For more information, visit the official website of the journal:

Submission and Publication Information:
Submission deadline: January 5th,  2015
First round decisions announced: March 20th, 2015
Authors submit revised manuscripts: May 28, 2015
Final manuscript submissions to publisher:  July, 2015
Number of papers: 5 to 7 papers

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