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The 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences in China

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The 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences in China
by Tourková Kateřina - Úterý, 11 listopad 2014, 8:59

The International Congress of Historical Science started in 1900. It is held every five years and has already been held 21 times since the original congress. Being the most influential academic activity of historical science, it enjoys a reputation of “Olympics of historians”.

The 22nd International Conference of Historical Sciences ( will be held in China in 2015 is currently open to register: 

We understand the challenges met by historians in many developing countries and other countries and regions economically in difficulties, especially for those young researchers, the International Committee of History Sciences and the Organizing Committee of the 22nd ICHS have launched grants to help the costs to the Congress.  Please visit for relevant information  

If you have any question about the Congress, please contact the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee by telephone +86-0531-88363791 or email 

For reference to Association of Chinese Historians(ACH),please contact Ms Yang Wanrong  by telephone +86 010 65278696, or email

For travel information including transportation, housing, touring etc., please contact Mr. Jackie Du


 telephone +86 by telephone +86, or email

We are looking forward to your participation!


 The 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences

The 22nd ICHS, which will be held in Jinan, Shandong, the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius, is the first time for the congress to be held in Asia. After the successfully-held Beijing Olympics, it will again be an opportunity to show the long history and deep culture of China, and its recent economic and cultural booming to the world. It is a stage to show the history and cultures from all over the world and for the communication and research of them. In our preparations, we will set up an international coordination platform for historical research and a cyber-platform to show the history and culture of each country; and there will be a series of activities for the communication of history and different cultures, such as global historical and cultural weeks. There will be 79 topics for the 22nd ICHS. During the term of the congress, participants will fully enjoy the fascination of the history as well as the culture of hospitable Shandong – a famous tourist destination blessed with splendid cultural heritage.